8:00 - 10:00, November 19, 2020 at street No. 7 - Nong Lam Uni. of Ho Chi Minh City:

- Enterprise introduction

 Jobs opportunity by direct interview!

 Check in flower garden!

👍 Other interesting activites !






Official assignment decision of doing graduation theses from November 2020 according to the name, content and topic proposal approved by the subject under the guidance of lecturers as given in this link: list of registration and theses topic from Nov. 2020 - May. 2021 (in Vietnamese)
-  Time for submitting final thesis to the office: May 07, 2021
-  Expected time for final defense:  June 05, 2021


On behalf of the staff, lecturers and students of Agronomy Faculty, Dean of the Faculty respectfully invite:

Former lecturers, officers, and alumni of all generations and courses attended the 65th anniversary of the faculty establishment (November 19, 1955 - November 19, 2020) and celebrating Vietnamese Teachers' Day 20.11.2020.

Time: 8:00 '- 14:00' on November 19, 2020

Venue: Experimental farm of Agronomy Faculty

Following this link for the details of invitation letter (in Vietnamese).

 Dear teachers, students and readers,

After nearly 6 monthos of launching the logo creation that uses for  the Faculty of Agriculture and through the voting process, the Faculty of Agriculture has chosen the official logo. Now, faculty board would like to announce to our teachers, students, and readers the official logo of the Faculty with the purpose of using the logo in academic and research activities. Inner annoucement is the logo templates in Vietnamese and English, or you can download the pdf file with the logo here.

Best regards.


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