1. Current staff members


- Mr. Nguyen Duy Nang, Dr., Head of the Department, Dean of Agronomy faculty


- Mr. Tran Hoai Thanh, MSc.


- Ms. Nguyen Thi Ai Ha, MSc.


2. Current functions and activities of the subject

2.1. Teaching and training functions

Currently, the Department is in charge of teaching and practicing subjects (undergraduate program) in the Faculty of Agronomy and your faculties as follows:

 -   Department of Agronomy: Water management in agriculture; Agricultural meteorology; Experimental method I (investigation) and II (experimental design).

 -   Department of Land and Real Estate Management: Planning and managing water resources.


2.2. Present lecture notes / syllabus

-   Irrigation systems

-   Research methods 1 and 2

-   User manual MSTATC, SAS statistic softwares

-   Agricultural meteorology


2.3. Current activities

-   Teaching the subjects mentioned above

-   Analysis of soil - water - fertilizer - crop

-   Consulting and setting up irrigation and drainage systems in the field

-   Cooperate in researches on water resources


3. The research has been done

-   Problem Land Program in the Mekong Delta (Mekong Delta) (SAREC), 1989 - 1991.

-   Management of acid sulphate soils by irrigation (SIDA), 1989 - 1993.

-   Dry seeding (Long seeding) in Long An (IRRI), 1998.

-   Strategic project for sustainable water development and management in Can Gio coastal area, Ho Chi Minh City, 1993 - 1995.

-   Water management in the brackish-water rice-shrimp model of the Mekong Delta (ACIAR), 1999-2000.

-   Water management for the Highway Management System - Phung Hiep, Bac Lieu province, Ca Mau peninsula (poverty reduction program (IRRI, DFID), 2001.

-   Water balance and efficiency of using Dong canal water in Cu Chi (ACIAR - Cu Chi), 2001.

-   Heavy metal residue research project (ACIAR), 2001.

-   Wetland project, Ben Tre province.

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