The project for development and dissemination of sustainable production system based on invasive pest management of cassava in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand

The experts from Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand joined the cassava SATREPS project. This project consists of four sub-team (ST-1-ST-4 as given in project outline), and the members of each team will overcome the technological challenges with their individual expertise. ST-1 will study two major diseases of cassava and optimize the detection technology and the monitoring system. ST-2 develops sustainable insect pest management system. They will study major insect pests and their natural enemies and try to develop a simple tool for the monitoring and biological control of cassava mealybug through the use of their natural enemies. ST-3 will establish a cultivation system to produce the healthy cassava seedlings. They also will try to identify useful varieties for breeding and develop new breeding technology. ST-4 will improve agricultural extension system. They will survey socioeconomic situation of cassava farmers and assess how the extension scheme would impact on the current situation. Finally, together with the other ST, they will establish the sustainable model for the pest management and the extension of healthy cassava seedlings. 

Project outline


For more details of the STs' activities, please access to the website:

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