Similar the Bachelor of Science in Agronomy, the Plant Protection program initially is based on the program specification promulgated by MOET to fit the Vietnam economic circumstance as well as the Government policy. Training program is focus on the knowledge related to Plant Protection activities, such as:

-       To establish and manage the sustainable crop production.

-       To detect, develop, apply and transfer new techniques in prevent pests and diseases.

-       To initiate, design and conduct scientific research, then evaluating and transferring research’s results.

-       To protect natural environment, oriented towards sustainable agricultural production.

-       To manage basic crop production, marketing and trading agricultural products or agro-chemical products.

 The expected outcomes of the Plant Protection program are given as follows:

1.     To apply (and Transfer) techniques to agricultural production.

2.     To improve farmers income or/and crop production by applying agro-technique, economic, marketing.

3.     Can work independently to identify and solve agricultural problems.

4.     Through self-study to update knowledge for applying the advanced technology.

5.     Initiate, design and conduct scientific research.

6.     Take initiatives and have a leading role to reach defined goals.

7.     Train individuals and/or groups at different levels of plant production.

8.     Co-operate with other disciplines.

9.     Apply exactly regulations in agriculture.



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