After taking time for researching and testing, finally the Asian pigeonwings research group has been able to present the product of dried flowers of Asian pigeonwings.

Hoping that everyone will support so that the group will continue to create quality, meaningful products in the processing and maintenance post harvest products.

? Asian pigeonwings (scientific name Clitoria ternatea L.) is a species of legume in the Fabaceae family.

? Asian pigeonwings flowers are applied much in medicine and food in many Asian countries. In India, Thailand and Myanmar, people often use fresh flowers of Asian pigeonwings to create color for various dishes. And the most popular beverage is the green bean tea.

? The petals of Asian pigeonwings flowers contain valuable chemical compound, a natural antioxidant.

So using the Asian pigeonwings flowers, users will receive many good for health, such as:

? Help beautiful skin, anti-aging

? Anti-obesity, prevent and support cancer treatment

? Boost the immune system, good for the heart

? Improve eyesight, reduce risk of diabetes

? Improve memory, prevent depression

? Making food color

Understanding advantages of Asian pigeonwings flowers, research group have been studing the process of growing and drying Asian pigeonwings flowers to create safe, high quality products and introduced via MOC LAM products.

The Asian pigeonwing plants are planted in organic, absolutely not using chemical fertilizer, pesticides and fungicides. Therefore, customers can be safe when using our product.

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