Address: Room 108, Phuong Vy Building, Nong Lam University,
 Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City.
Telephone: 08. 38961710  
I. General introduction
- Teaching subjects: Fundamental Genetics, Plant Breeding and Seed Technology for full-time and part-time students.
- Editing curriculum and materials related to the teaching subjects.
- Thesis supervisor: undergraduate and graduate (Master and PhD degree) students.
- Research: Study the theoretic and methodic problems for plant breeding and  create new varieties (purebred, composite, hybrid and mutants).
Staff members:

1. Associate professor Dr. Phan Thanh Kiem, Head of department, senior lecturer   
         BSc. at University of Agriculture II, Ha Bac
         Doctor of Science majoring in Plant Breeding and Multiplication in USSR
         Tel: 08.5533826     E-mail:
2. MSc. Nguyen Chau Nien, Lecturer
         BSc. at UAF, HCM city
         Master of Science majoring in Agronomy in Japan
Tel: 08.8961710      E-mail:
3. MSc. Nguyen Phuong, Lecturer     
         BSc. at UAF, HCM city
         Master of Science majoring in Agronomy in Thailand
(studying PhD degree in Germany)
Tel: 08.8961710     E-mail:
4. MSc. Ho Tan Quoc, Lecturer    
         BSc. at UAF, HCM city
               Master of Science majoring in Agronomy at UAF, HCM City
         Tel: 08.8961710     E-mail:
5. BSc. Bui Thuy Linh, Lecturer    
BSc. at HCM University of Natural Sciences, HCM city
(studying PhD degree in US)
Tel: 08.8961710     E-mail:

II. Teaching activities
- Every year, the department gives lectures for 8 - 10 classes, supervises 25 – 30 students with graduation paper.
- Training technicians in tissue culture technique.
- Textbooks :
+ Phan Thanh Kiem, 2008. Seed Technology of some short day crops, Agriculture Publisher, 162 p.
+ Phan Thanh Kiem, 2007. Quantitative Genetics: principle and problem application in crop plant research, Agriculture Publisher, 164 p.
+ Phan Thanh Kiem, 2006. Plant Breeding, Agriculture Publisher, 288 p.
+ Tu BichThuy, 2004. Plant Breeding, National University Publisher, HCM city, 220 p.
+ Nguyen Phuong, Ho Tan Quoc, 2007. Fundamental Genetics (internal document).
+ Tu BichThuy, 1995, 1998, 2000, 2002. Plant Breeding (internal document).
+ Tu BichThuy, 1993, 1998, 2000, 2002. Fundamental Genetics (internal document).
III. Research activities
-  Collect some crop varieties, compare and test some promising varieties.
-  Create and select new varieties by crossing or experimental mutating.
 - Participate in scientific research of National projects.
-  Collaborate with other Institute and Research Center to conduct research on selecting and rescuing old crop varieties, testing new varieties.
-  Plant cell tissue culture: flowering, industrial and fruit plants.
-  Transfer tissue culture plants and vegetable crops.

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