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The 168th AUN-QA Programme assessment at Nong Lam University of Hochiminh City. The Faculty of Agronomy has registered for the assessment of Bachelor of Science in Agronomy. We've hard worked in 18 months just for 2 working days of the assessment! What a great effort of FA's staff! A big thank you to all students and partners (former staff, alumni, stakeholders, ...) who spent your time supporting the Faculty in the event!




Official assignment decision of 81 students in courses: TC11NHGL (01 student), TC12NHBD (01 student), DH14NHA (02 students), DH14BV (01 student), TC14NHBL (02 students), DH15NHB (02 students) DH15NHGL (01 student), DH15NHBL (02 students), TC15NHBL (02 students), DH16NHA (14 students), DH16NHB (27 students), DH16NHNH (01 student) DH16BV (24 students) and DH17NHB (01 student) carried out the graduation thesis from November 2019 (Winter-Spring crop 2019-2020) according to the name, content and topic proposal approved by the subject under the guidance of lecturers. as the followings (in Vietnamese):

1. Decision for conducting students thesis Nov. 2019

2. Announcement of implementing students thesis from November 2019 - March 2020

3. List of registration and theses topic November 2019 - March 2020

-  Time for experiment and data collection: 04 months, from November 1, 2019 to March 15, 2020 (excluding the traditional Tet holiday 2020)

-  Time for submitting final thesis to the office (two copies): April 17, 2020.

-  Expected time for final defense: May 15, 2020

Faculty of Agronomy, the Institute of Tropical Biology (Microbiology Division) and the Research institite for Oil and Oil Plant cooperate to conduct some research projects. The Faculty of Agronomy informs to students some researches between the Faculty and the two above mentioned institites. The content details of the topic, the execution time and related information, the students see the details in the file under this link.

Kind regards.

 Dear Managers of Companies, Centers operating in the field of Agriculture


Every year the Faculty of Agronomy organizes the implementation of the theses for Undergraduate, Master and PhD students. In order to improve the applicability of the researches and help students carry out research with the labor needs of the requirement future labors in the field of Agriculture to solve technical issues. The Faculty of Agronomy would like to inform the leaders about the coordination of implementing projects between the Faculty and you


The specific content please see more in the letter (follow the link for Vietnamese version)

Yours sincerely

 In Vietnamese only - click here!

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