Nong Lam University

Agronomy faculty



I. Time in and out of the Experimantal farm

- Monday to Saturday: from 06:30 to 18:30

- In addition to the above time (including holidays), if there is any need to work, please contact the Management Board at least 05 working days in advance to be resolved.

II. For visitors

- Contact Manager of the Experimantal farm for guidance on places to visit and study.

- When visiting or studying must comply fully the Rules of the Experimental farm

III. For lecturers, undergraduate and postgraduate students

1. Send notice of teaching schedule, research or land application form (link: the form on the website of the Faculty and certified by the instructor) to Management Board to facilitate the arrangement of supporting personnel.

2. Ensuring the time for study, practice, research and activities according to the registered plan.

3. Conscious of protecting common property, saving electricity and water, maintaining security, order, hygiene and protecting the landscape and environment in and around the Experimental farm.

4. Upon detection of leakages, fires or explosions or strangers' intrusion, please immediately notify the Management Board of the Experimental farm.

5. Not to arbitrarily dig up soil for cultivation and arbitrarily enter experimental areas, workshops, gardens not falling under their responsibility. Do not break the tree, pick fruits or interfere with other experiments.

6. The testing ground must be cleaned of grass and put on board the name of the testing area (A0 size) and the name of the experiment according to regulations. After completing the study, practice, research, clean and hand over the land to the mamager of the Experimental farm.

7. Must sign the loan and return the equipment to the tool management book. If the equipment is lost or damaged, compensation must be made according to the current price of equipment.

8. Behaving properly with teachers, officials and employees in the Experimental farm.

9. Depending on the seriousness of violations, violators will be recorded in minutes and subject to a number of handling measures such as information listing, compensation for damage, downgrading training points, postponement of graduation diplomas and actual camps. Experiments will not continue to collaborate later.

                                                                                                               Ho Chi Minh City, January 16, 2019

     Manager of the Experimental farm


                                                                                                                         PHAM HUU NGUYEN

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