The Bachelor of Science in Agronomy program (Program code: 7620109) initially is based on the program specification promulgated by MOET to fit the Vietnam economic circumstance as well as the Government policy. However, in the trend of globalization context, innovating in education has become one of the initiatives strategies. Educational system of Vietnam needs to contribute to development of human resources, which meet requirements of the country. The agenda of Vietnam higher education renovation in period 2006 - 2020 has indicated some shortcomings in higher educational system. According to this agenda, the current training programs are theory based and scholastic, therefore those provides inadequately high quality specialists to meet the demands of economic development for country.In this context, Professional Oriented Higher Education (POHE) can be considered as a renovation for many educational institutes in Vietnam. The project of POHE is started in March 2005. This project has tried to enhance selection of profession for students throughout developing 10 pilot training program s, in which focusing on adapting to World of Work (WoW) needs and using student based center teaching methods. The Faculty of Agronomy, NLU is selected as one of eight universities joining in this project. With consultancy of Dutch experts for four years, the faculty has developed two training programs for two majors: Agronomy and Plant protection. These programs were applied since September 2007.

With POHE training program, the activities that linked with real situation such as internship, field-trip, final thesis research are conducted at companies, research institutes, farms or laboratory in the university. Representatives of WoW are invited to give lecture or seminar on agricultural topics. Agronomy faculty together with WoW board which includes presented companies, research institutes have developed curricula to ensure that the curricula will satisfy demands of practical production. The interaction between university and WoW is to ensure that graduate students have good competencies. Consequently, they will find easily to get a job, particularly they are normally recruited by company where they have been done internship or final thesis.

The training program consists of 135 academic credits including 101 compulsory credits and 34 elective credits. The curriculum is divided into 3 areas of knowledge: (i) the basic knowledge (33 compulsory and 6 elective); (ii) the fundamental knowledge (22 compulsory and 2 elective); the specialized knowledge (46 compulsory and 16 elective); and 10 credits of graduation thesis. Besides, the students have to participate in activities of Communist Youth Union and Student Association and evaluate the conduct, ethics of lifestyle, law and national defense. They also participate in full 5 seminars on soft skills, English for Academic Purposes, Informatics etc. for a training program of 4.0 years.

Structure, content and teaching methods of the Agronomy program are to encourage students more positive in learning. Students are taught general subjects of the agronomy major at the first semester of the course. The program is developed that based on the results of WoW survey, and thence defining competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) for student. Students are required to achieve these competencies when they graduated. Base on defined competencies, subjects/courses are determined appropriately for competent developing during learning process of student. The objectives of the program are to educate students become Bachelor in Agronomy who have adequately competencies to meet the needs of social development; good knowledge and skills for guiding in crop production activities to supply not only for local labor market, but also for international market.

The general information of the Bachelor of Science in Agronomy program are listed as below:

§  Name of the program: Bachelor of Science in Agronomy

§  Abbreviation of name of the program: Agro

§  Administration unit: Faculty of Agronomy

§  Training level: Undergraduate

§  Major code: 7620109

§  Awarding institution: Nong Lam University - Ho Chi Minh City

§  Name of the award: Bachelor of  Science in Agronomy

§  Mode of study: Full-time regular course, academic credit system

§  Training time: 4 years (maximum 8 years)

§  Admission criteria: High school graduate candidates must pass the annual National High School Graduation Examination which be held in July by MOET. They must have total score of Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology (group B00); or Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry (group A00); or Mathematics, Physics and English (group A01); or Mathematics, Biology and English (group D08) higher than the cut-off score set by the NLU base on the student admission quota from MOET. The cut-off score will be published in August every year.

Eligibility for graduation: Students must complete 135 credits, including 101 compulsory credits and 34 elective credits.

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